Thursday, September 17, 2009

My favorite foundation & concealor

 Behold my absolute Holy Grail foundation and concealer!

MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC45
Mary Kay Signature Concealor (in bronze)
Mary Kay mineral brush

On weekdays, I just skip the concealer because the Studio Fix gets most of the job done. My MK mineral brush is just dense enough to cover my face in 3 swipes. The only downfall of the Studio Fix Powder is that you need another product to add a dewyness to your skin. I guess one can get dewyness by using liquid foundation, but the time factor just makes this more enticing for me.

As for the MK concealer, its consistency is fluid and yet still gives full coverage. I also like that it's in a tube, so there's no question of the product drying out. This is the only product where I've bought a backup. However, I don't recommend this for undereye circles cuz it sinks into the tiny wrinkles.

By the way, a great brush for concealing spots is the Loew Cornell #8 filbert 7500C. This is available at any crafts store like Michael's or Hobby Lobby.


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