Friday, September 4, 2009

Aspirin Mask: a Mighty Multitasker

I first came across the aspirin mask tip when I was trying to battle an acne breakout the week before my wedding (!). Michelle Phan's video on how to make your own aspirin mask literally saved the day. Here is my twist on it.

1. Take 2 uncoated aspirin tablets in one hand. The bottle and tablet should look something like this:

2. Put only a few drops of water on it with your hands. The tablets should start melting right away, and you should be able to crush them easily after 10 sec.

3. Mix in your favorite facial cleanser. I love using Clean n Clear's Deep Action Cream Cleanser because it tingles my skin the whole time. The cream cleanser also helps keep the aspirin on your face. If you have breakouts, pile on little mounds of the mixture onto those areas.

4. Leave on for 30 min, then wash off.

I just love this mask. It's cheap, easy, and delivers instant gratification.


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