Friday, September 11, 2009

10 Random Facts Tag

The_Perfectionist has tagged all her followers to do this tag, so here I go!

1. My best feature is my height. I'm 5'7".

2. I have an insanely high word per minute typing speed.

3. I have always wanted pin-straight jet black Asian hair. My hair is naturally wavy (grr...)

4 I love to read. I can go through a book in a week. In the case of Harry Potter, make it 36 hrs.

5. I'm originally from India. I love Indian food, fashion, and of course, movies.

6. I don't hoard makeup. I routinely throw out items that I haven't reached for in a long time, and only then buy.

7. I'm a late-bloomer makeup-wise. I got into it less than a year ago, when I wanted to do my own makeup for my wedding. Before then, I pretty much owned an eyeliner, a compact, and a mascara.

8. I'm obsessed with Martha Stewart. I want to be a domestic goddess and a career woman at the same time.

9. I really really want a high-end watch. Either Longines, Movado, or Rolex.

10. I can't have enough purses. I have to have a new one every 3 months. I think I'll hit up my Nine West today.


The_Perfectionist said...

Im 5'7 too! lol

Anonymous said...

hmm so yea I wasn't surprised by any of these facts... ;-P

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