Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Book Rave: Style on a Shoestring

Juggling multiple obsessions with makeup, skincare, and accessories is hard (insert sad violin music). Sure, there are greater obstacles to overcome in life (defend thesis, learn how to do taxes), but when you're hooked on weekend retail therapy, smart-shopping can be a life wallet marriage saver. Enter Andy Paige's Style on a Shoestring. You guys have to check out this book. I devoured the entire thing at Borders over the weekend. This little gem basically shows you how to dress well while landing a great bargain. Here are a few really neat tips:
  •  Buy bras in February and bathing suits in May. That's when they are on sale nationwide.
  • Go to stores like TJ Maxx on Wednesdays. That's when their weekend markdowns begin, and you avoid crowds. 
  • Opt for rich colors like peacock blue or burgundy over paler colors. That way even a bargain find looks richer simply because of the color.
  • Accessorize with colors that are complementary to your outfit's color. Like if you wear a coral dress, go for turquoise jewelry or a turquoise clutch. That's a a lot more unexpected and chic.
  • When shopping at consignment stores, establish a relationship with the store clerks. That way they will be happy to call you when something interesting comes in. Also, sell your own stuff at the end of a season. That way you can shop there on store credit!
You can also check out Andy Paige's website here. I especially like her section called "Worth every cent". It reviews products that are pricey but totally worth it. I hope this helps all you frugal fashionistas out there. Happy shopping!


Galina said...

Hey! These are great tips! I shop a lot at sales and I do buy things that are currently off season... and then I have to wait (DAMN!) to wear them... but it "pays off"! I liked this tip: "Opt for rich colors...That way even a bargain find looks richer simply because of the color" Good one!

Computergirl said...

Thanks for sharing those tips, I have seen a copy of this book and now feel that I should pick it up! I always feel like I have earned that bargain at TKMAXX.. our one is like a jumble sale so you celebrte when you find something you like that fits!!

Ashwini said...

@ BeautyTalk: Yeah, I bought a really great tri-climate jacket at the end of the winter season, and now I'm so glad I got it at a rock bottom price! It was reduced from $200 to like $80! (from Dick's Sporting Goods camping section by the way)

Ashwini said...

@ComputerGirl: Try to see if is carrying a used version of her book. Might get a bargain right from the beginning. :)

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