Thursday, June 17, 2010

Storing Your Bling While Traveling

Now that summer is here, I'm looking forward to a really exciting mini break in July. I'm visiting my sister in London (yaaaaaaaaaaaay) to attend her graduation ceremony for her MBA (congrats hun!). Since I'm obsessed with jewelry almost as much as makeup and skincare, I wanted to show you guys how I plan to pack my essential jewelry during my travels to London, Kent and the white cliffs of Dover.

Meet the Mele Makayla Faux Leather Croco Jewelry Case ($30, available here):

I just love how this case is compact, protects all the contents inside, and would look appropriate for all ages. I actually selected it because it reminded me of Meryl Streep's Hermes luggage set in the Devil Wears Prada, when she's stuck in Florida during a hurricane ("'s just--I don't know--drizzling!")

Upon opening the jewelry case, I was floored at how much can be fit into such a compact space. Perfect for those who take tons of pieces "just in case". The far left compartment houses 3 pairs of dangly earrings, and the insert can come off if you want to keep larger pieces in there. The middle section holds rings (several in fact. Oh if only I had enough to fill it up!). The far right compartment is perfect  for studs.
The lid of the case opens up to reveal a hidden section for delicate necklaces. The little pocket can also hold safety pins and extra earring backs.

This jewelry case can be chosen among hundreds of other pieces at Every Jewelry Box. The website also features some gorgeous jewelry armoire that I swear will one day grace my bedroom. This website is one of over 200 CSN stores. My favorite one is All Modern, and some of my favorite pieces from that website have been drooled over in a previous post.

Review/Giveaway Opportunity: If you are a blogger in USA or Canada, and would like to do a review or host a giveaway by CSN stores, please contact Ashley Chambers at! Just mention that you read my blog post, and would like to be considered for a review/giveaway opportunity!

FTC Disclosure: The jewelry case was provided by CSN Stores for review purposes. The jewelry in the case is my own. I am not being compensated for this review, and this is my honest opinion.
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