Monday, June 21, 2010

Haul from SkincareRx Giveaway

I recently won a The SkincareRx giveaway from Sarah Bella's blog. I love Sarah's blog and YT videos, because she's down to earth, reviews products of all price ranges, and she's drop dead gorgeous!

Anyhoo, I was extremely stoked to redeem my $100 gift card from SkincareRx, and here are the things I picked up:
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. This is basically an exfoliating powder that you mix with a bit of water, and it contains rice-based enzymes and salicylic acid that buff away dead skin cells and encourage cell turnover (buh bye acne scars!). Lollipop26 raved about this a while ago, but the $50 tag kept preventing me from purchasing. Upon receiving this, I was happy to see that SkincareRx threw in a travel size cleanser and moisturizer with the exfoliator. It's wierd, but I have not yet used this because I am too happy to own it!

Next, I got the Murad acne complex kit ($36). Although my acne has diminished because of my antibiotic treatment (click here for the related post), my doc told me to continue with my normal topical skincare. That's good advice, because I still do get the occasional few pimples. Rest assured a full review will be coming up of this treatment!

Last but not least, I got a La Roche-Posay hand treatment ($14). Since most people often overlook hands, they can be dead giveaways of a person's age. Besides caring for your face and neck, I always think that hands need a little TLC too!

Overall, I really loved ordering from SkincareRx. The website is set up for novices and skincare addicts alike. There's also a great $29 sample kit that lets you try out a bunch of high-end skincare products without taking a big risk. Also, my package came like 2 days after ordering, which inevitably led to squeals of delight. Thanks Sarah, and thanks SkincareRx. This giveaway was da bomb.

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