Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I went naked! and other updates

Before I explain the meaning behind my sensationalist title, I wanted to update you guys about my blogging. The last few weeks have been hectic as heck! First, I have had my in-laws staying with me, which makes my nights go by in a stupor of good food. Second, my computer died on me, and I'm still in the process of finding a new one. Third, my blog template and my comments decided to crash on me, so I wanted to fix both before I put up a new post. I hope you guys like this new template. I love Blogger's new design feature! I can see myself changing this up once every season.

Now for the sensationalist title. Yes, I did go naked to work today! Naked on my face that is. For the first time in a very long time, I didn't put on a single makeup product on my face for work. That's because for the last 4 weeks, I have been acne-free. A month ago, I  began taking the prescription antibiotic, minocycline, for my acne. I take a 100 mg capsule 2x a day, on a fairly empty stomach with plenty of water.

Within a week or so, my pimples vanished before my eyes, and they have stayed away for 4 weeks now. I had like 2 pimples on the week of my period, but that's pretty much it. I have experienced the sheer pleasure of not having to have a massive skincare regimen. I just take off my makeup every evening, and wash my face with a drugstore face wash, and that's it. I will still put on some kind of treatment at night, but it's literally to use up my vast artillery of skincare products! I wish I had done this sooner. After years of frustration, failed treatments, and scarring--both emotional and physical--antibiotics finally did the trick.

I have a follow-up appointment next week with my doc. Only time will tell if this treatment will rid me of acne forever, but for now, I am supremely happy. As for the side effects, minocycline can cause dizziness, nausea, and in rare cases, a bluish pigmentation on the limbs or face, which goes away once you get off the pill. But so far, I haven't had a single side effect.

I am not about to give medical advice to you guys. But I have tried a vast array of drugstore acne treatments, health routines, and ayurvedic remedies. Some worked well for a short amount of time, others worked 50% of the time, and still others didn't work at all. But minocycline has worked thoroughly for the whole month, because it actually kills acne causing bacteria, p acnes. If you suffer from acne, definitely talk to a physician about it. There are some things that drugstores simply cannot solve.

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