Thursday, June 3, 2010

Out-the-Door Hair

On most days, I spend way too much time playing with makeup and fretting over which earrings would complement my outfit. By the time I am done and already late for wherever I have to be, my hair is still in a sad state, AKA frizzy bun held in place with a hideous red cloth scrunchie. On these days, I need a quick hair fix. So with just a few tools, I achieve the pulled-together look below: 

Once the hideous scrunchie is off, I reach for a flat iron, and my thermal round hair brush (avilable at ULTA, and on the Brushlab website).

I roughly divide my hair into 2 sections: upper and lower. The upper section is tied off with a scrunchie while I work on the lower section, and then I reverse. I use the round brush to detangle sections of hair (about 1" each). I really love how this brush, which has natural boar bristles, pulls each section of hair very taut and straight, so that each strand of hair is ready to receive some flat iron love. I also love holding the textured rubber grip, which prevents slippage (I've had the traumatic experience of detangling my hair, only to have the handle separate from the brush head, and the handle went flinging across the room projectile-style. Fortunately, nobody was decapitated).

In about 5 minutes, I have pin straight, frizz-free hair (plus, I dont have to put any product into my hair to get this look). I tie back a 3" section with a couple of pins, and voila, I'm out the door!

FTC Disclaimer: The round hair brush was provided by Brushlab. I am not affiliated with this company, I'm not being paid to do this review, and this is my honest opinion.

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