Monday, February 8, 2010

Drugstore Haul: L'Oreal mascara and NYX

Last week I wandered into a non-chain beauty store after work and went on a fairly impulsive haul. This place had insane sales, and it stocked NYX. Since the only place near my house is no-sales-no-variety Target, I was pretty stoked. This store also stocked oodles of Essie and OPI, and they were discounted to like $5.99! Considering that, I think I behaved by only buying these 4 things:

Top to bottom: L'Oreal's Volume Shocking mascara (snagged for $2.99, with original price of $15.99!); 2 NYX jumbo eye pencils in Yogurt and Milk. So far, I love Milk. Its a nice matte base for light eyeshadows and also makes a great highlighter for the browbone and inner corner. Lastly, I got an NYX Goddess of the Night lipgloss in a bronzey-coppery color. I'm already in love with my Ice Princess, which is a sheer pink.

Here are swatches of all 3 NYX products:
L-R: Goddess of the Night lipgloss (sorry forgot name!), Milk, Yogurt

Reviews and possibly EOTDs soon to follow using these products!


Caitlin said...

I love the gloss! And I have yet to get my hands on milk! I tried that mascara a few years ago, and it didn't work out well for me(which I probably wouldn't have minded if I didn't pay full price for it :p), but I hope that you have better luck with it! :)

... and you're right about Target , THEY NEVER HAVE SALES! I wonder why hmm, i've never realized it before...

Hellcandy said...

I absolutely LOVE my Milk jumbo stick. I use it for the inner eye before putting on my eyeshadow to make my eyes brighter :)

Cynthia Z said...

Nice haul...I'm liking the NYX jumbo pencils

beautyparler said...

I so need to get my hands on NYX:) I actually saw it recently at a store in Colombia called Tennis but refused to pay the "international" price. Will have to wait till I get to the states:)

Tanks said...

Yo, can you suggest how to use concealer effectively, especially under the eyes?

Your Number One Fan!!

Ashwini said...

Tanks: I'll try my best to show how to use concealor. I'm better at covering up spots than my huge under-eye area, but I'll do a post about that soon. Thanks for the request, my silly little #1 fan. ;)

(she's my sister for those of you who are reading this and are confused)

Witoxicity said...

I'm surprised you didn't buy more with such bargains! I wouldn't have been able to contain myself. ;)

Ashwini said...

@witoxicity: it took every ounce of self-control. My birthday is coming up on Feb 26th, and I will unleash the haul monster within on that day. ;)

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