Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lush Godiva Shampoo Bar

I've been trying out Lush's Godiva Shampoo Bar for a month now, and have firmly decided that it's not good for anything more than a good long whiff, a bit of novelty, and fun in the shower. On the plus side, it has a heavenly jasmine scent, lathers up well, and has that novelty factor of rubbing a bar on your head. However, it's leaving my hair looking dull and causing quite a bit of breakage.
 The first time I used this bar, I omitted conditioner because I read elsewhere that this was a shampoo + conditioner. Not true. Leads to major tangles if you do that. So after that, I've been using Herbal Essences conditioner after Godiva. Although this reduced tangles, my hair was still looking dull and lifeless.

I'm lucky enough to have long, dark, voluminous hair that looks great with just a blow dry and no styling products. My drugstore gem, Organix Shampoos and Conditioners, give me shine, bounce, and no breakage. But in spite of good hair genes, Godiva actually managed to make my hair look dull and caused a lot of breakage. Sorry Lush, but I'll be sticking to my Organix henceforth.

Moment of self-doubt: it is possible that I need to experiment with using a different conditioner, because Herbal Essences is pretty low-end. Who knows, maybe with a better quality conditioner, this will make my hair look shiny and pretty. Will let you know if that happens.

The bottom line: this is not a must-have Lush item. However, if you are a Lush junkie, and want to try a shampoo bar for the novelty, go ahead. The scent is divine, the bar has adorable little jasmine flowers embedded into it, and it does lather up nicely. So your shower experience will be fun. But in the end, it may not give your hair the shine and bounce you can just as easily get from a nice drugstore product.


G. said...

Thanks SO much for all the kind words you said about my blog in your comment on the Tarte liner! I am LOVING your blog as well and just subscribed. :)

About Lush--I have had so many hits and misses from them in the past. I think, based on your review, I might skip this one, so thanks so much for the great info. :)

Ashwini said...

Recessionista: I meant every word. I think your blog's philosophy gels with my own, so I really love it. And re: Lush, I guess they are like all brands. All brands have a few rock star products, but not everything can be amazing (well ok MAC gets pretty darn close, but that's different. It's practically a cult.)

Tanveer said...

A lot of doctors do say that shampoo bars cause more hair breakage as compared to liquid shampoo :D... Tht probably explains why the ole' Shikakai soaps are not doing so well.. maybe it is something to do with the caking/solidifying agents used.

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Sorry you didn't find it too great of a product. But at least the name is yummy.

Anonymous said...

The scent *is* heavenly. I bought it just for the jasmine scent, and the pretty name! Marketing wins. XDD

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