Saturday, February 6, 2010

Coconut Oil as an Eye Makeup Remover?

"Well, your wife has done it again." I bragged to my husband. I'd found a way to use the coconut oil I had lying around the house to effectively remove my eye makeup (saving money = victory dance).

I use coconut oil as a weekly treatment for my hair. Since I had recently run out of eye makeup remover, I got to thinking: if coconut oil can condition hair, keep it thick, soft, and dark, and remove excess sebum...that sounds like a great recipe for eyelashes too!

I tested my theory using Dabur Vatika Enriched coconut oil ($2.99 from the Indian store!). Besides coconut oil, it also contains herbs to further nourish your hair. For example, it contains soya extract to promote hair growth, brahmi for shine, henna for volume, lemon for removing dead skin cells, and rosemary for softening. Not to mention the smell is divine. Not bad for $2.99 right?

Here's my eye with tons of eye makeup (I used stubborn products like Fluidline, Powerpoint, UDPP, NYX JEPs and waterproof mascara. The e/s is from the Kat Von D Ludwig palette):

And here it is after using coconut oil (Woohoo! Not only was it clean, but my lids felt baby soft!):

Since coconut oil is solid at room temp and hence hard to squeeze out of a bottle, I depotted it into an empty Lush jar. This way I could easily dip my cotton balls into it and the top layer of the coconut oil was liquid:
I for one am done buying expensive makeup removers. Coconut oil removes everything quickly and thoroughly and leaves my eyelashes and lids feeling baby soft. I have a feeling we will be very happy forever.


Maria Elizabeth said...

thanks for sharing! it seems like most natural oils work well at makeup removal :]

Ashwini said...

Hey Maria, I'm glad you liked it! I have tried Extra virgin olive oil before, and it just didnt work for me, don't know why. So I'd say not all oils are equal for me.

Dreams That Glitter xoxo said...

Oh wow, what a fantastic idea, I never would have thought of that! You're so innovative! Like how you put some in the LUSH pot too, good trick. By the way, your eye make up there is stunning :).

.blushfully. said...

OH My!! I need to get my hand on that Coconut Oil hahaha... I've never seen coconut oil around here, maybe I really have to go to Indian store hehehe... nice finding! does it sting, or leave your vision slightly blurry... and keeping it stored in lush pot doesnt make it go solid?

Tanveer said...

Hey! I too used to do the same :D. I wld use Parachute Coconut oil. I stopped coz it started to break me out. Coconut oil is comedogenic in nature and can cause acne in some people.

Ashwini said...

@Dreamsthatglitter: thanks girl! No, putting it in the Lush pot keeps the top layer liquid, which is uber convenient.

@Dana: It does slightly sting because it has some lemon in it, but I don't mind it. It also blurs my vision for a sec, but it goes away with a blink.

@Tanveer: I don't use this to remove makeup from my face, just my eyes. I agree, it would probably break me out if I did that!

Katie Hayward said...

Baby oil and olive oil is really good to :)

Lots of love,

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

I use olive and avocado oil to remove eye make up. I'm sure coconut oil works great too. Plus, they might be very moisturizing for the skin around your eyes.

ThatandThis said...

Thanks for the tip! Your eyebrows are the most perfect eyebrows I've ever seen!

Ashwini said...

@Katy: olive oil didn't work for me, but I haven't tried baby oil yet. Thanks for the tips!

@Tris: ooh avocado oil must be great too because that's a good hair treatment as well!

@Thatandthis: OMG what a nice thing to say, thank you very much! I just got them threaded that day. :)

Witoxicity said...

What a fantastic idea! Why didn't anyone think of this earlier? This is certainly better than those harsh eye makeup removers we usually buy. :)

Ashwini said...

@witoxicity: After using this for the last month or so, I'd say be sure to take off contacts before hand. And if you can, get most of your eye makeup off with a facial cleanser, because it takes some time with coconut oil to scrape off all the mascara. Best of luck. :)

Saimese said...

I try to oil my hair with coconut oil once a week or once every 2 weeks.. I used to use it as a serum last summer for curly hair instead of using other products & my curls were gorgeous each time.. I only needed like 4 drops for my whole hair too!

Yesterday, I was just thinking about trying Dabur Vatika. I always use Parachute. Such a great idea to use it as a makeup remover & store it in a Lush jar! Have you been using it as an eye makeup remover ever since? Let me know how it worked for you

Anonymous said...

@Tanveer, I sleep with extra virgin coconut oil on my face nightly, and it never caused a breakout. It just has to be pure

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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Ashlynn said...

hi...i use baby oil but the more is it makes my vision im a bit concerned...can u help me with that???

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