Friday, February 12, 2010

Nine steps to romance

When I implemented a few Feng Shui practices to invite romance into my life 3 years ago, I met my now-husband within a month. Feng Shui is always easy and almost free, since you just need to re-arrange, add, or remove things you already own. In light of Valentine's Day, I'd like to share these tips with you. Whether you're single and looking for love, or you're in a relationship and want it to blossom even more, these tips apply to everyone.

1. Clear the clutter in your home, especially bedroom. A clutter-free home invites new and exciting adventures into your life, including a new love.

2. In keeping with #1, discard all items that remind you of past relationships. Holding on to the past prevents you from meeting someone new, or from making the most of your current relationship. The act of discarding mementos of old flames is the single most effective move in my opinion.

3. Add elements of red or pink to your bedroom, and decorate in multiples of 2. For example, have 2 flowers, 4 pillows, etc. No need to go painting the whole room red b/c that's actually too stimulating.

4. Avoid pictures of relatives in your bedroom. This is not a room to think of grandma!

5. Avoid electronics in the bedroom (I can feel everyone frowning at me!). I too am guilty of Internet surfing in bed, but it's really a no-no. Electronics prevent a restful sleep and take away focus from your partner.

6. Do not store stuff under your bed; it leads to restless nights and is "emotional baggage". I don't care if you live in a small apartment in NYC! Don't do this!

7. Don't keep one side of your bed up against a wall. This means there is only one way to exit the bed, and that deters a second person from entering your life.

8. Plants, music, and crystals are all positive elements to have in your room (hmm, crystal chandeliers anyone?) Fake plants are fine as long as they are dust-free.

9. Above all, have a positive attitude. If you're looking for love, don't be frustrated and cynical. If you're in a relationship, be cheerful, supportive, and always talk through problems without bringing up the past. A positive attitude is what enables all the previous tips to do their magic.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! My Valentine is not only my husband, but my sister, my parents and all of you wonderful readers. Ok mushyness is now over. ;)


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