Monday, February 22, 2010

Tag: Things that make me go mmm....

Thanks to Khymm, I'm doing this lovely little tag on things I love to do.

1. Hauls: Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than a haul. Whether its a budget-friendly one or a wallet buster. I am happy for days on my haul-high as I call it.

2. Guilty Naps: what is sweeter than a 45 min nap you've snuck in at 6 PM? Yes, it'll throw off your sleep cycle, but its ohh so good.

3. The Office: This silly little American TV show puts a huge smile on my face. Jim is so cute, Dwight is hilarious, and Pam could be my BFF.

4. Comments: I seriously love comments from my readers. I get so excited when I see a new one.

5. YouTube videos: I can spend untold hours on YouTube drooling over hauls I can't afford, looks I can't pull off, and much more. It's escapism at its finest.

6. My husband: Yes, I know its cheesy. But we've been married for just over 7 months, and I am one happy little clam. (LOL I just realized reader comments and hauls rank higher than my husband)

7. Purses: I'm a bit of a purse fanatic. I don't have a huge collection, but I'm pretty happy with what I have. I tend to buy affordable, trendy pieces that I can guiltlessly throw away after a season so they're in good condition just long enough to sport a trend and not break the bank.

8. Clear Skin: I feel like Ms. Freaking Universe when I have a clear face. Gives me a big confidence boost to say the least.

9. Real jewelry: Maybe I'm getting older, but I've grown out of costume jewelry, and have set my sights on the real thing. I am partial towards gold and diamonds, and love getting jewelry custom-made in India.

10. My sis, mom and dad: My family is a comedy circus. Each one of us has our own brand of comedy, and when you put us all together, there isn't a dull moment. They rock my world.

I tag the first 10 people who comment to do this tag!


Caitlin said...

Such a cute tag! I guess i'll have to do it now since I commented, haha! And I agree... hauls are at the top of my list! How sad... lol.

Makeup Kitten said...

Great tag! I agree with all of your mmmmm's ;)

Cynthia Z said... i'm one of the 10 :). I enjoyed reading this. At least u didn't completely forget to put yr hubby in the list :D

Divija Reddy said...

OH NO! another tag? may be i shdnt have come earlier :(

lovely reading ur answers..........

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your blog recently and I must say I love it. Being a fellow desi, there are so many things I read here that just puts a huge smile on my face. Loved this post and I share all of the mmm's listed very true :)

Ashwini said...

Can't wait to read your mmms!

Div: I know I know. Bear with me it's a busy week. ;)

Anon: thank u so much for your sweet comment!! I'm glad to hear u enjoy my silliness and I will keep more coming!

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