Monday, October 5, 2009

Hot Oil Treatment

Coconut oil is one of the best things on earth for nourishing your hair. It's used all over the Indian subcontinent for promoting hair growth, and getting thick shiny hair. In fact Indian men obsess with long hair to the point of it being a national fetish. Here, look at this ridiculous image:

Here are a couple of tips on coconut oil:
  • Buy it from your local Indian store not the drugstore (see picture here). Coconut oil has only recently made a splash in the western hemisphere, so I'm pretty sure drugstore prices are far higher than the Indian store prices. I paid $2.99 for mine.
  • Coconut Oil is equally beneficial for your scalp and the ends of your hair, so massage it all over!
  • Oil works much better when warmed up. Your pores just invite it in. So don't apply oil straight outta the bottle. Pour it into a small bowl, and microwave until it's lukewarm.
  • Look for enriched coconut oil in Indian stores. That means that the coconut oil has other awesome oils and extracts added to it. Dabur's Enriched coconut oil also contains:
    • Triphala for hair growth
    • Brahmi for luster
    • Henna for thickening
    • Neem for removing dandruff
    • Lemon for exfoliating away dead cells
    • Rosemary for softening
    • Kapurkachri for its antiseptic and antioxidant properties
    • and Soya Extract for increasing hair growth
AndreasChoice has a pretty cool tutorial on how to apply hair oil, so check that out. Happy hair days!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this tip. Going to give this a try for sure.


Rhamnousia said...

Haha@ look at this "ridiculous" image. I agree, you can so obviously tell her hair has been photoshopped in.


laura said...

Great post! I love picking up unusual beauty products when I am abroad, or in the local Turkish stores in London (great soaps). It's nice to get the background info and the picture of the product too!

Rupa'sMakeupDiary said...

thanks for following my blog :) x

Maria Confer said...

You give the best tips. My hair is in need of a oil treatment. I'll have to pick some coconut oil up!

Liya said...

you learn something new every day!

Clearly Beautiful Blog said...

Hey guys, I'm glad you all liked the post. Thanks for the lovely comments, they always make my day. Also thanks to all the new followers. I've hit the 20s!!!

@ Rhamnousia: OMG it iS photoshopped! Now its even more ridiculous. I was saying it was ridiculous because she's literally drowning in that hair. It's like 4 feet long. :P

lotionspotionsandme said...

Hey, just discovered your blog and I really like it. Thanks for the tip about warming it up...i recently picked some up and have found it works great on my relaxed hair. I have only used it on my scalp so far but will definately be trying a hot treatment soon. x

Clearly Beautiful Blog said...

@Lotionspotionsandme: first of all, awesome name. How cute. And I'm glad you liked the post! :)

georgiexoxo said...

This is so useful, thank you so much! :)


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