Monday, March 15, 2010

Up and Up Eye Makeup Remover

After playing around with my DIY eye makeup removers (coconut oil, or olive oil mixed with water), I was ready to go back to a store-bought one. I don't know if I was doing something wrong, but these oils just didn't remove my waterproof mascara unless I rubbed really hard. Fail. So onto the buy:

Target's Up and Up eye makeup remover:

I think this is a great buy. You get a lot of product for a very low price, and above all, it works very well. I just dab some onto a cotton swab and hold it over my eyes for 10 sec, and without any rubbing, the mascara and everything else comes away. I repeat on the other eye, and then use a the back of the cotton swab to remove any traces.

Quick tip: don't throw away the cotton swab right away. Sometimes after cleansing the rest of your face, additional eye makeup may come off and settle around your lower lids. A quick swipe with the original cotton swab removes this residue.

The only con I've noticed is that this dries out my eye area if I don't apply a night eye cream to my eye area immediately after. Not a big deal because I use a night cream anyway, but make sure you do this too! If the drying factor sounds like its a big minus for you, I recommend the Mary Kay eye makeup remover. It worked quite brilliantly for me a while ago, but Up and Up  is easier to find and cheaper.

Overall, this gets a solid 4.5/5. Three cheers for drugstore finds!
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