Saturday, March 20, 2010

Old Makeup, New Life: Part 2

Welcome to another post on my series on giving your unloved makeup a second chance by "retraining" it for a new job (hehehe Recession-speak happening on a makeup blog!). Up this time is my e.l.f bronzer ($1). Aaah I bought this at my very very beginning of makeup collection. This product really sucked as a bronzer, because its just copper-shimmer with very little pigmentation and zero staying power. However, I love using this to mattify and bronze up my super pink lipsticks. Do you have a lipstick that is too cool toned, washes you out, or is just too pink to pull off? Whip out this bad boy, and take a look at the transform!

Here I'm showing my To Swoon For lipstick by MAC. The hand swatch shows To Swoon For at the top (too cool-toned for my skin!). The bottom swatch shows  the same lipstick, but this time with the bronzer dabbed over it! A huge improvement I'd say! I never like a totally matte lip though, so I have put Ever So Rich Cremesheen Glass on top of it (as seen on the lips). I love Ever So Rich by the way. It's a very sheer baby pink gloss, and is perfect when you want a bit of shine but no color to compete with your lipstick. This was a great gift from a dear friend. :-)

Have you tried face products on lips to get a different effect? If so, please share below!


Biba said...

I can't believe it, it looks amazing...

Cynthia Z said...

Been wanting to comment on yr blog..I guess there was some prob with yr template at the time.
U have such pretty lips girl!


Tanveer said...

So So Cool! I can hardly believe they are the same lipstick! What a cool trick. I am really enjoying this series & looking forward to more of the same :D

Ashwini said...

Thanks girls, I'm glad this little series is getting so much love. Feel free to do these on your own blogs too if you have any ideas on re-purposing makeup. It's such a money saver!

Cynthia: yeah. I don't know what the heck is going on w/ my comments. >:( Thanks for hanging in there while I figure things out!

Anamika Sureka said...

It look great...Nice blog :)

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