Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Move over, Lush. Hellooo, TJMaxx!

That's right. Lush, in my eyes, just got 0wned. That's because I just discovered TJ Maxx's best kept secret: their bath and body aisle. This hidden gem has a gorgeous selection of hand soaps, bar soaps, shower gels, bubble baths, and even body scrubs. Best of all, most of the products are from spa companies like Ahava, H20 and adorable English companies (I'm a closet Anglophile...a bit ironic for an Indian...but I digress). Here's my little loot:

I got 3 shower gels and a hand soap: H20 ginger-citron, Lavare Fig Hand Soap, H20 spa cooling mint, & AHAVA tranquil wash.

Total cost? $20. And get this: the other day I actually saw the AHAVA mineral wash at ULTA, and it alone costed $20. I think I did good, guv'ner.

Now, obviously these products are neither handmade nor uber-crunchy like Lush. Lush still has a special place in my heart (one can't easily forget the ecstasy of Flying Fox). However, these puppies do have cute packaging, lovely new scents for me to play with, and have a spa appeal. To me, they are fulfilling at least that part of the whole Lush experience.

The other upside is that Lush's products are not always amazing (I'm glaring at you, Sea Vegetable!). The same is probably going to be true at TJ Maxx, but now I won't regret it one bit, because each item is around $3-5. I already have plans to buy some lovely hand soaps for my guest bathroom so my guests feel all pampered and stuff with spa bath products.

Are you a TJ Maxx (Marshalls/Home Goods/Ross) fan? What do you love to buy from there?
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