Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How I blow dry my hair (Requested)

The sister recently asked how I blow-dry my hair. My philosophy on hair is"keep it simple, stupid". Hair frames my face, so it should be fresh and bouncy, that's all. You will never find me messing about with extensions or colors. I am quite content with a well-layered style that is blow dried, flat ironed or softly curled. Here are my tools:

Tresemee Heat Tamer Spray, a Conair paddle brush, a Brushlab ceramic brush (available at ULTA), and a Conair hair dryer. I love all of these products and recommend them all. I should mention a great blowdry actually begins with using a great shampoo and conditioner. I highly recommend Organix Shampoos and Conditioners.

Easy peesy blow drying:
  • Towel-dry hair
  • Spritz Tresemee heat tamer into hair (3-5 sprays should do it). 
  • Detangle hair with the Conair paddle brush
  • Turn the blowdryer to high, and blowdry your hair until it is about 80% dry. Keep flipping your hair up and down and use your hands to feel for wetter spots at the roots and direct heat to it.
  • Once hair is 80% dry, use the Brushlab brush to grab large chunks of hair. Any large barreled, ceramic brush with vents should do the trick. 
  • Grab a chunk of hair, direct heat to the roots, and move the brush and hair dryer downwards (see stock picture below). Repeat till all the hair sections are dry and straight.
  • Spray any fly-aways with hair spray. If you have static in your hair, rub a bit of lotion between your hands and run your hands through your hair.

What are your must-have hair products?

FTC disclaimer: All of the products except the Brushlab brush was bought with my own money. As always, this is my honest opinion.
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