Tuesday, April 6, 2010


My love for a great bargain has reaped a seriously cool harvest. I recently talked about how TJ Maxx had an amazing line of bath and body products with spa brands like Ahava and H20 at heavenly prices like $3.99 (I'm still enjoying ginger-citron showers everyday).

Well, news of my little loot actually made it back to TJ Maxx, and they have put up my blog post on their brand website! I'm positively "chuffed" as my English readers love to say! Here are the screenshots: By the by, is it classy to frame screen shots? No? Ok. Wallet-sized photos then.

Now that spring is upon us, take a cue from the daffodils and snag yourself a designer spring bag minus the designer price. For me, I can't wait till the weekend for a haul fit for a Maxxinista.
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