Friday, April 9, 2010

A depotting rampage!

I recently got 2 lovely products from a friend. They are Origins Underwear for the Eyes. The two colors are shimmery beige and a shimmery gray and are basically shade sticks:
Lovely, neutral and wearable, but the container they came in was rubbish and the sticks were actually falling out of them! So a simple depotting was in order! Here's the How-To:

Grab 2 sample size jars, a bit of 70% isopropyl alcohol, a piece of tissue paper, and a dime:
Make sure the sample size pots are clean and dry. Wet the tissue in a bit of water, wring out, and place the dime inside it so that you create a little stamp.

Next break the shade sticks so they side inside the jars. I used the shade stick containers to initially press the sticks into the jar. Since they have a clay-like consistency, it was very easy to press them down so that there were no air bubbles (left)!
Put a few drops of alcohol on the shade stick and cover the whole surface. Use the dime in the tissue paper to gently but evenly press the shade sticks into the jars. You will actually end up with a very pretty rosette design on the colors!

That's all! Because this was super easy, I also applied the technique to a Coastal Scents contouring palette. I only use the blushers, and not the rest of the colors.

Because these pans are glued in tightly, removing the 2 pans of blushes was not possible. So, I just grabbed two more sample size jars. I scraped out the blushes with a scissor, and filled them inside the jars. I pressed in the blushes with my fingers and the plastic end of the scissor. Then, alcohol drops were placed on the blushes, I used the tissue-and coin method to press them in evenly. This time I used a quarter since the jars were bigger. Here's the final result:

I put stickers on the lids of the sample jars with a light pink heart and one dark pink heart. That corresponded to the light and dark pink blushes. This way I could tell what I was grabbing for. :)

I loved doing these projects. They were both super easy and saved me some space in my Caboodle!
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