Monday, April 12, 2010

My first Project 10 Pan!

Yup. I'm launching my first Project 10 Pan! Although my collection is small compared to most makeup collectors, I really want to do this project as a way to use up the products in my collection that are so-so, or products that are nearing their expiration dates. Once I use these up, I'd love to try out some high-end products, so I figure using up 10 products justifies the splurge. There are actually 12 items, but I've counted the smaller items as 1 collective item just to be fair. Click on picture to enlarge:

Roughly clockwise and then center:
  1. e.l.f. blotting sheets
  2. Egyptian magic (sample)
  3. Origins Underwear for the Eyes in Beige
  4. Mario Badescu Hyalauronic eye cream
  5. Maybelline Dream Mousse blush
  6. C.O. Bigelow lip tint
  7. Coastal Scents Monroe A Go Go lip gloss
  8. Lush Dark Angels
  9. Merle Norman Super Lube
  10. Shu Uemura Face Architect
  11. Shu Uemura Base Control
  12. Revlon Colorstay foundation
I am allowing myself 2 reasons to break P10P. First,  If I run out of my Shu Uemura foundation and can't use my much darker Colorstay, then I will buy a new foundation (nothing else though!). Second, if my lip balms get used up before all other products, I'll let myself buy a new lip balm (again, no other items can be purchased). 

I'll keep updating you guys as I go through this project with exit interviews. Feel free to do this project with me and keep me updated with your progress too! I can't wait to use up these products because afterwards, I plan to create my first MAC e/s palette, explore Bobbi Brown concealers, Essie nailpolishes, and some drugstore gems that need exploring. 

**A few of my readers are not aware of our little makeup culture lingo. So just to clarify, Project 10 Pan is the Lent of the makeup world. You commit to using up 10 makeup/skincare products of your choice. It is called "Pan" because when you get to the end of something like a blush, you see the steel pan underneath. Anyway, until all 10 items are used up, you cannot purchase new makeup items. It's a good way to impose a spending ban on yourself, free up space in your makeup kit, and truly use up and experience the products you've paid for in the first place!
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