Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pure Ceramic Hair Brush Review

If I am having a bad hair day, no amount of makeup can correct how crappy I feel. Great hair can overcome a no-makeup face, but not the other way around. So I was really happy to try out the new Brushlab Pure Ceramic hair brush to see what it could do for my hair and blowdrying routine. This brush is available through the Brushlab website and is stocked at ULTA stores. First impression: its purrrty.

First, I really really love the sleek look of this brush. Props for the spectacular design, Brushlab! Second, the handle does double duty as a rat-tail to part your hair. Very handy for me because I blowdry my hair in sections. Third, the spot for holding this brush is quite close to the barrel, which gives you lots of control over the brush. And finally, since the bristles don't scratch your scalp, so you can manhandle your hair all you want. To use, I first detangle my hair with a wide paddle brush, and then use this brush for blowdrying and styling.

One con of this brush is that it can be a bit hard to move my hair around with such a narrow brush because I have very a thick and long mane. I think if you have thin or short hair (down to shoulders), this should not be an issue. Another thing is that I didn't really gain much from the whole ceramic-infused factor. This brush didn't really lower my blowdrying time or lead to much straighter hair. All in all, the final effect was the same as using other barrel brushes from Brushlove. However, if you don't own a barrel hair brush, consider this one because its bristles are really gentle on the scalp and its so sleek and gorgeous.

FTC disclaimer: This brush was sent to me to review. I was not paid for it and this is my honest opinion.


Laura Loo said...

...I'm having brush lust! I want it! Thanks for giving me the heads up about this.

Maria Elizabeth said...

i like how it's pointed at the end. seems like it would come in handy!

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