Friday, January 15, 2010

LUSH Flying Fox!

Say hello to my new best friend: LUSH Flying Fox. **Sigh...must calm down and gather thoughts. Readers can't see facial expressions of pure pleasure.**

Okay, I know this beautiful shower gel has already gotten quite a bit of praise, but I must chime in loud and clear. BUY THIS SHOWER GEL NOW! Yes, its the most expensive shower gel I've ever purchased, but my entire bathroom, and sometimes even bedroom, smell like it, and when I shower, I can't help but ooh and aah the whole time. I think the reason why I love jasmine so much is that it's a very popular flower in India (called mogra), and the scent takes me back to my grandmother's gardens, and all those lovely strung jasmines you can buy in the street to put in your hair.

Flying Fox smells like I'm being showered with baskets of jasmine flowers. There are like 5 types of jasmine essential oils in it, which explains the price tag since jasmine flowers are pretty small, and EOs are pricey little buggers. It also contains honey, but I can't pick up on that (my sense of smell sucks though). I dare anyone who tries this out to not groan with pleasure when they first use it (warning: groaning might lead to raised eyebrows from hubbies/roommates). Seriously, if LUSH opened an entire line of this scent, I would buy it ALL. I am already planning to buy this for a few family members and girlfriends when their birthdays roll around.

EVEN when I'm raving this much, my training in science compels me to point out a few BUTs.
  •  There isn't a huge amount of lather. Sure, I might just fix that by using twice the amount of shower gel, but at that price tag, I don't want to use up this little guy too quickly. 
  • It's not amazingly moisturizing. I definitely need to follow up FF with body lotion. 
  • The scent doesn't strongly linger on your skin (shower jellies like Whoosh have stayed on my skin for hours on end). The scent does linger in my bathroom and bedroom for days, but not my skin. Booo. 
But all in all, for the scent, I will be buying/begging for this treat again, and even sending it to my loved ones. I wish they'd come out with a perfume so I could dab it on my wrists all day too. :)


Hellcandy said...

OMGosh you should try Flying Saucers from the retro range. It's lovely too :)

My absolute fav honey shower gel was B never too busy to be beautiful. Unfortunately the store is closing down but hopefully lush will bring it back into the online store!

Riddhi said...

We are in the same boat, I love mogras!! You should definitely try Kenneth Cole's perfume called Black...the scent reminded me of mogra & I bought it instantly and needless to say, am out of it. Loved your review and will be on the look out for this shower it available at any local stores?

Lilladylife said...

yes yes yes! this is an amazing shower gel i looooove this product from lush a def must buy in my opinion!

Divija Reddy said...

This is purely off topic! Please do not laugh! I cannot stand jasmine scent for a long time! Nauseating! Not that I dont like flowers! I only have them during weddings for the long braids, which really pulls down my head coz of the weight and I simply pass out coz of lingering jasmine scent ;)

Ashwini said...

Okie dokie, new wishlist items:
1) B never too busy to be beautiful (if I can find it!)
2) Flying Saucers3) Kenneth Cole Black

Riddhi: this shower gel is available at Lush stores (there are 2 in our state, but rather far away), or you can get it online from

Witoxicity said...

Wow, this sure sounds excellent! I've never tried this one before. I will look out for it the next time I'm in LUSH. Great review!

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