Wednesday, January 27, 2010

LUSH Whoosh!

I've been using LUSH Whoosh! shower jelly for two months now and thought I'd give it my 2 cents.

Price: At $5.75 this is one of the cheaper Lush indulgences you can get. Also, the amount of product I got has lasted me for about 8 weeks now.

Scent: According to the website, it is lemon, lime and grapefruit. But I'd describe it as a unisex fresh waterfall scent with hints of anise. It's a departure from the usual girly scents of Lush, which some of you may welcome. However, since even drugstore shower gels have fresh scents, I wonder whether its worth buying this when you can get the same experience elsewhere.

Texture/Effect: Okay, to me, squishing my hands into a tub of ooey gooey jelly is the best part of this shower jelly. The lather is also superb as it envelopes one in suds! I suggest that instead of grabbing a chunk and putting it on like a bar soap, which would waste product, try putting a dollop of Whoosh on a loofah. You will get more lather for less product.

Would I repurchase? Yes and no. I'd repurchase a shower jelly for the fun and the price. But I wouldn't repurchase Whoosh itself because the scent is no big deal. I'm gonna see what other jellies are out there and try them out instead.


Mz. More said...

This looks like fun to use. It looks yummy. My son would probably think it's Jello lol

.blushfully. said...

Oohh, I've been wondering whether to try out these shower jellies hahaha... i might wait till i run out of these soaps! lol

Maria Elizabeth said...

so cute, it looks like real jello!

beeroyal said...

Loving you blog posts. I have never tried lush... do u recommend it and which products?

Ashwini said...

@beeroyal24: thanks! Also for Lush, it can be a hit or miss, so def. look through my posts on Lush products. My favorites so far have been Flying Fox shower gel and Dark Angels scrub. Best products ever!!

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