Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Satina Spectra Mirrors Review

In spite of collecting makeup for so long, I have yet to invest in a good mirror. As a result, I often poke the end of my brushes into the bathroom mirror.

To my great joy, I was recently sent three Satina Spectra mirrors courtesy of Brushlove to review*. These mirrors come in 3 sizes, colors and shapes and have a regular mirror on one side and a 3x mag mirror on the flip side. You can use them as handheld mirrors, or bend the handle so it can be propped on a table.
I've put the largest one ($10.98) on top of my chest of drawers where I keep my jewelry. See, I do my makeup in the bathroom because that's where the light is best. Then I come to out to put on jewelry, but since there's no mirror, I have to walk back to the bathroom to put it on. This mirror makes it way easier.
I've put the blue round mirror ($9.98) on my office desk for the quick lipgloss swipe and spinach-in-the-teeth check. ;) Quick Feng Shui tip: if your office desk faces away from the main door (so your back is to the door), its terrible for your career! Put a mirror next to your desk so that the door is reflected in it!

The pink square mirror is going into my travel kit ($9.98). On my last trip back home, word spread about my "mild" obsession of makeup, and soon I was doing makeovers for my cousin, sister and my mom! I wish I had this mirror at the time so they could see what I was doing.

Overall, I like these mirrors because 1) they are affordable, 2) they make great gifts, and, 3) they are versatile for travel, vanity and office use.

But, I will say that I dislike the bright colors. A black framed mirror would've given me a more adult option. The other downer is that they are not lighted, which limits their use to occasional touch ups and showing clients how their makeup is coming along. I wouldn't use these mirrors to do a full face in the morning because you really need a lighted mirror for that. Fortunately, Brushlove sells those too over here.

Thanks for reading! How would you use these mirrors?

*FTC disclaimer: I was sent these products for free to try out and review on my blog. I am not being paid for doing this review. This review reflects is my honest experience.


Cynthia Z said...

Aww..these are so cute. I like the bright colors :)

Liss said...

I like the colours too, but you're right a black option would be better for most people. I like the way the handle flips backwards to form a stand - clever!

Tanveer said...

Hey! they look really cool ya.. Tempting!

Witoxicity said...

These mirrors are cute but yeah, the colours are too gaudy for me. I like that quick fengshui tip there! :D

Anonymous said...

I've been not too impressed with Burt's Bees to be honest. . . I only like their cuticle salve.

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