Friday, December 4, 2009

Lush, MAC, OPI, & NYX Haul!

After months of holding myself back, I finally let loose and got a large haul thanks to wonderful Black Friday deals that extended all weekend. The wait was seriously worth it as I saved quite a bit of moolah. I'll review of all these items once I've tried them out but for now, enjoy the haulage:

MAC Strobe Lotion
MAC sharpener (for Engraved
MAC Select Cover-Up in NC45
MAC Moisturelush Cream sample (which I may add the stingy makeup counter lady was unwilling to part with because "people take advantage of it" I am checking out...with a boatload of makeup...WTF)
NYX Jumbo eye pencil in French Fries
NYX Lipgloss in Ice Princess (which I've been using this relentlessly and may hit pan at a record speed)

Lush Grease Lightning
Lush Sea vegetable soap
Lush Dark Angels
Lush Whoosh Shower Jelly

A Grape Fit; You Don't Know Jacques!; Barefoot in Barcelona

This is love. Go buy it now.

Can't wait to review these products for you guys! Which ones would you like me to review first?

Also, a HUGE thank you to Beautygirl24, The Beautifier, xcharleym0ox and Krystle for the blog awards they've recently given me. I'm so grateful for every single one, and I promise to post it up ASAP. Just want to say thanks here. You guys are so awesome. :)


Divija Reddy said...

Hi, am Divija, ur new follower! came thru tanvi's blog. Its always nice to find a fellow beauty blogger.

Ur blog is quite a feast to eyes and this is sure a massive haul :) thnq

xLovelyMakeupx said...

awesome haul love

Cynthia Z said...

WOW..u outdid yourself there..great haul. Pls review the Lush stuff first...n hey first request first serve, eh? :D Btw i didn't get what u said about the counter lady (?)

Nicola said...

Fab Haul...I'd like to see the Lush stuff too :) x

Ashwini said...

Ok Lush it is! I'll do Dark Angels and Grease Lightning first as I've already used it a lot this week. The Whoosh and sea vegetable have not yet been used because I'm "preserving them" hehehe.

Ashwini said...

@Cynthia: the sales assistant at the Macy's MAC counter was being mega-reluctant to give me a sample of the Moisturelush Cream. She claimed they stopped giving out samples because people took advantage of it. I mean I understand if someone isn't buying something and is trying to get several pigment samples, which would last you forever. But here I was checking out with 3 MAC products, and asking for a moisturizer sample which might last me a week, and she was throwing a fuss. Finally she caved. Argh I HATE crappy sales assistants. Stick to Nordstrom, not Macy's for good SAs.

Beautygirl24 said...

what a lovely haul! I think I should follow your lead and just save like crazy until I have enough money to completely let loose! I have a tendency to just buy a little bit at a time, but I do this frequently. Then I feel guilty for shopping all the time. I think I'm going to wait to do any hauling until after Christmas! You will have to let me know about the MAC moisture lush cream and the strobe lotion =)Oh and you'll love the NYX jumbo pencil. I use french fries a lot!

Ashwini said...

I agree totally. When I buy a little at a time, I feel guilty. This time, I knew I had saved up and was shopping during big sale time, so there was no guilt. I'm happy with every single purchase. :)

Resham said...

It seems I am the only one who has never tried a LUSH product....every make-up lover has tried it....*sad face*

amynaree said...

what a great haul!!! i love all the OPI polishes you got "You Don't Know Jacques" is one of my fav.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the MAC strobe lotion and select cover up!

Computergirl said...

:) Great Haul Nyx jumbo pencil any good?? Emma :)

.blushfully. said...

omg, those nail polishes... *drooollll* and those are my favourites!!
Oh and heyyy haha I have NYX JEP in French Fries for few years now.
And can't wait for your review on MAC moiturisers, and Lush Dark Angels... omg what a haul!! ;)

PS: the MAC SAs never give us any samples, do you have to ask for it? crappy MAC SAs not only where you live, here in Brisbane too... hahaha!


Mz. More said...

Nice haul! I am one of the few who hasn't tried any Lush products yet either, so I would love to see a review of those since I want to try something ASAP :)

come check out my blog when you get a chance

Caitlin said...

awesome haul :) i definatly want to try the NYX gloss it looks super pretty, i'd love to see a swatch of it!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Girl you deserve a huge haul! Love Lush too - great store. And so jealous you got all that MAC makeup. Am saving up for my next haul at MAC.

Uinisan said...

you know me...i'm keen on the nail polishes haahahaha

Palak said...

hey !
em a new followr too
came here thru Divija's :D
OMG .. thats a kewl haul
pls do a review on LUSH products .. incidentally LUSh is also availble in INDIA .. n em plannin to get some soon . what wd yu reco for oil acne prone skin ??
n yea do let us knw about strobe lotion :)
great blog
will stop by often :)

Hobby Exchange said...

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Lilladylife said...

wonderful haul! makes me want to go shopping ASAP

Charlotte said...

hey :')
thanks for the comment on my blog.
could you do a review on the OPI Barefoot In Barcelona?
Ive been thinking about getting it.

beautyparler said...

Great haul! I've been lemming MAC strobe lotion for a while now. I'm actually wearing OPI You don't know Jacques, love this shade!
P.S-I know I'm a wee behind on posts & will try to get that Green Tag post up.

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