Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mixed Feelings for Lush Sea Vegetable

The Claim: This sea green soap is beloved by girls and boys alike. The reassuring scent of lavender and lime banish the blues and get you squeaky clean. For an exfoliating polish, flip the soap around and rub in the scrubby sea salt and seaweed top. Plant it in your shower and the man who doesn't know he should exfoliate will be scrubbing that dead skin off in no time. This soap makes you feel as though you've taken a dip in the ocean; you'll emerge fresh as the sea breeze.

Price: $7.80

Right off the bat, I'll say this is pretty expensive for a bar soap. But even that is permissible if the soap is outstanding. Unfortunately, this is one Lush product that is firmly in the "Meh" category for me. Why you ask? Here's why:

1. After a mere 5 days of use, the size of the soap has visibly shrunk more than your average bar soap. It was the same size as the picture above when I bought it, and look how much smaller it is now. I guess it irks me because this soap is quite pricey, and yet it shrinks faster than drugstore bar soaps!
2. Not much lather: if you use the bar without a loofah, the lather is negligible. If you use it with a loofah, there is lather, but but even then, you dont feel like you're luxuriously (or should I say, Lushly) enveloped in lathery goodness.

3. The seaweed side is a unique exfoliating experience, because it feels like you're washing up with a wet terry cloth. However, the bits of sea weed tend to fall out with each showering session, and its kind of gross to see your tub sprayed with random bits of brown sea weed. Not a huge negative, but I've used better exfoliating bar soaps in hotels that provided rolled-oats soaps.

4. The scent is nothing to write home about. It's a unisex smell that reminds me of an ocean spray or even an Old Spice deodorant stick. Its not the typical feminine scents that Lush is so famous for. I don't mind the scent, but I am not really loving it either.

All in all, I'm disappointed in this soap because it was from Lush. I expected so much out of it because of the brand and hype. But at the end of the day, it's just a normal glycerin soap that melts fast and has a run-of-the-mill scent. Not something I'd spent nearly $8 on again. Maybe if Lush dropped the prices, I'd purchase more bar soaps from them, but for now, I'm gonna stick to their skin care products, and try out their shower gels.

What are your Lush favorites and disappointments?


Caitlin said...

Hmm fancy soaps never do much for me. I like dove :) haha. I'm not picky about soaps or bath products really... I do want to try some lush bath bombs though!

xo caitlin

Anonymous said...

Very helpful review!! I'm also following your blog :-)

rene said...

Hey, thanks for popping by!
Ohhh. Too bad I don't have Lush in my country!
I've always wanted to try some of their stuffs.

tris1978ton said...

Sorry you are dissapointed! And thanks for the review! I was pretty dissapointed with Lush's henna hair dye too.

Cynthia Zacharica. said...

Thanks for the review's definitely not making it to my wishlist then

Selina said...

So many times I've wanted to be wowed by Lush, and so many times they've been a total 'meh' for me too - for all the reasons you say. The soaps are expensive, they don't last anywhere near long enough, they don't lather well, and they have all those funny extras that fall off in the shower and make the next person wonder what you've been doing!

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