Monday, May 3, 2010

Coastal Scents Haul

I hauled a few items from Coastal Scents last month and thought I'd share my purchases with you. Although I am currently on Project 10 Pan (which is going excruciatingly slowly; I don't know how you people do this!!), this was a haul that was sponsored by the lovely people at Coastal Scents, so that didn't interfere with my no-buy rule. Thanks Coastal Scents for helping me game the P10P! Before I get on with this haul, I just wanted to say kudos to CS. They simply allowed me to purchase up to $75 worth of items from their website for my blog. They did not make it mandatory for me to review any of these products, much less sing their praises. So I feel really happy that they have not put any pressure on this little blogger. What you'll see in the coming weeks will be, as always, ruthlessly honest reviews. 

Onto the haul: 

I picked up 5 eye brushes, below:
Left to right: black large pointed crease ($3.95), Italian badger doefoot stippler ($3.89), Blending brush ($2.99), Chisel fluff large shadow brush ($2.75), chisel detail mini brush ($1.99)

Next, I got some face brushes for applying foundation, setting powder, and concealer:
Left to right: synthetic buffer brush large ($13.95); Italian badger kabuki brush ($8.45); oval camouflage brush ($3.49)

I wanted to try the individual Hot Pots, which fit right into MAC palettes and several have been suggested to be MAC dupes (how could I pass up?!). I will soon post a DIY tutorial in how to put these pans into a MAC palette, and swatches will be included. Till then, enjoy the colors in the pan.

Lastly, I wanted to try the Undercover foundations. Since I was ordering online, I picked up 4 sample sizes with 4 different shades ($.49 each)

I also went for a sample of the Veil effect mineral powder in Medium ($2.00 for a sample)

Because I had ordered just over $75 worth of stuff, I got free ground shipping on these products. The package came 3 days later on my front door, and everything was packaged well (I think only 1 hot pot was a little chipped at the edge). I've ordered about 3 times from Coastal Scents before with my own money, and have always been satisfied with how speedy their delivery is. 

Over the next few weeks, I'll review these items in digestable installments. Initial thoughts are that some products are truly fabulous bargains, while other products remind me of the old adage: you get what you pay for. Stay tuned while I compose a series of "hits and misses" posts for you guys. :-)

Now over to you: have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them? Are there any other Coastal Scents products you love? Please share in the comments below!

FTC disclosure: Coastal Scents sponsored the purchase of all items shown. I am not affiliated with Coastal Scents and wasn't compensated for reviewing these products. 
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