Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Summer Foundation Routine

It is burning up in here folks! I don't know about your neck of the woods, but mine are positively steaming. So in hot weather like this, I am completely unmotivated to go through a whole foundation face routine unless someone is actually looking at me besides my poor little lab rats (I'm a nerdy neuroscientist FYI). So these days, I have a very simple face routine:

1) Apply MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation
2) Repeat as necessary throughout the day.

MAC Studio Fix Powder gives medium to heavy coverage, depending on how much you build on the product. On super hot days, you can even use a small amount as a blotting powder.

If MAC SF Powder was a man, he'd be steadily dating the Coastal Scents Large Synthetic Buffer Brush. Heck, he'd have proposed by now. I've been using this pair for a while now and I'm completely happy with how quickly this big soft teddy bear of a brush covers my face and lets me get out of my hot-as-heck bathroom that much faster!

 Awww look, they are cuddling!! (Why do I anthropomorphize my makeup?)

I love the big flat shape of this brush. Plus, because it is uber soft, I can stipple away to glory with no "ouch that pricks!"

So on weekdays, I heartily recommend MAC SF Powder Foundation paired with a soft stippling brush. Carry the compact with you because this makeup does not like to stay for more than 3-4 hours. 

On weekends, when I'm hanging out with homo sapiens as opposed to rodents, I go with Revlon Colorstay (applied with a sponge...sparingly!), topped off with Coastal Scents mineral veil. That puppy does not budge. 

What is your summer foundation routine? I heart product recommendations. :-)

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