Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What's on your Day-After-Thanksgiving Wishlist?

Black Friday (or the national Day-After Thanksgiving mega sale) is fast approaching! I'm planning to buy nothing but clothes and shoes, because believe it or not, I NEVER buy clothes except on massive sale days like Labor Day or Black Friday. My normal purchases are makeup and skincare items, so this holiday season, it's all about the clothes baby. Here's my drool list:

Victoria's Secret Boucle Sweater ($39) & Gap hoodie ($78)
Victoria's Secret Sweater Dress ($79) & Victoria's secret off-shoulder boucle sweater ($39)

Northface Down Jacket ($$$?) & Nine West leather boots ($119?)

I've left out the less photogenic stuff like leggings in all neutral colors, staple must-have blazers, and accessories like diamond studs. What is on your wishlist?And more importantly, who is financing it? ;)


Mona said...

i've been looking for a sweater dress!

Computergirl said...

I love all the clothes you have picked out! We dont have black friday sale :( But then my bank balance if probably happier we dont!! Emma

Anonymous said...

I'm currently composing my Black Friday Shopping list! Any tips to share with a newbie BF shopper? lol.
Great blog!
xo em

Uinisan said...

I love Nine West shoes... they do the greatest heels hehehe... Ummm... we don't do thanksgiving in Australia hahahaha At least no one I know celebrates it, we just have cold beer over BBQ on Christmas (so Aussie)... HAHAHAH

Maria Confer said...

Oh, I love all the cozy sweaters. I never go shopping on Black Friday, the crowds make me dizzy.

Cynthia Z said...

Aww..ur so lucky u get Victoria's Secret out there. The sweater dress looks so fab! I'll travel to NY one day just for VS :)
My wishlist is endless n my hubby's frowning ;)

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